Tuesday, 10 July 2012

This is the starting.

my heart start beating
my lung start breathing
and the voice in my head start screaming
i'm afraid!
afraid to step into another world

i'm not a little girl anymore and not yet a woman
but still i cant make a decision.
i'm confuse
did i make a right decision
how i wish i can turn back time
and start everything all over again

this coming 13th July
will you bless my day and give what i want most?
not just me, also for whom who did all their very best?
only Allah swt can gives us what we want, only Doa will connect us to Him.
lets pray hard and hope for miracles from Him.
have faith. never lose hope and keep trying.
He knows the best!

we doesnt know the ending even if know the starting.
keep praying!

Jai :')


  1. yerhh pray for the bestt.. good luck untuk kita kak yong :-)

  2. Yep hani. All the best untuk semuaaaaa!